About Elrond Voice

Elrond Voice is the unique NFT project aiming to build the first text to speech smart contract AI living on the Elrond blockchain.


Elrond Voice's goal is to create the user-friendly AI system,
that will use the power of Elrond blockchain, 
easily integrated with any app or dapp, providing
$EVO rewards to the LAYER ONE VOICE NFT owners.
  • The LAYER ONE VOICE NFT COLLECTION and the $EVO Token are the connecting elements between the AI system, future applications of the system, the end user and the NFT owners.
  • The community will mint the LAYER ONE VOICE NFT big library, containing more than 40 000 AUDIO/VIDEO NFTs produced by Elrond Voice. Each NFT will be a word, name, brand, number or expression. The LAYER ONE COLLECTION started with the first round of 1000 most used words and sounds minted in 75 minutes and will continue with 1000 words/round (2 rounds/month) until we have enough words to start the AI (around 8000). Custom NFT's will also be available (for apps, games, businesses or individuals) from time to time based on special events. Please keep track with our announcements if you are interested to place your brand or name in the collection.
  • The production of Layer One NFT’s will start with the most used words in the English language from the most used to the less used(grouped in mini collections containing 1000 NFT's) and will continue with the rarest words and custom words as long as necessary in order to permanently improve the AI. Each minted collection and the usage of the AI will burn $EVO creating the perfect deflationary economic model.
  • On top of the LAYER ONE VOICE NFT COLLECTION we will be able to create amazing layers, other languages translations, all types of voices suitable for all the end user categories.
Please consult our Whitepaper. Check our Roadmap here

EVO Token

$EVO is the deflationary utility token of the Elrond Voice system. It was minted on Elrond blockchain with the token identifier EVO-cd02a2

EVO date #
MAX SUPPLY 20 october 2021 100.000.000
CURRENT SUPPLY 01 august  2022 97.076.000
CIRCULATING SUPPLY* 01 august  2022 24.638.438
BURNED SUPPLY 01 august  2022 2.924.000

EVO burns will be processed after each 1000 NFT Sale Round.

EVO is used in the economy of the system for purchasing the LAYER ONE VOICE NFT COLLECTION by initial supporters or investors, for end user purchases of the AI products and for rewarding layer one NFT owners.

* PUBLIC SALE ROUND 1, Marketing and Giveaways